B – Bullying & Harrassment

*Advising you now that I’ll be circling back to this one when we get to “Z” is mid-September.

This is pretty straightforward and, unfortunately, often neglected.

Simply put = ALL businesses should have a Bullying & Harassment Policy in place that specifies ZERO tolerance!

Even if you have just ONE employee in your business (apart from the owner) , your business needs this policy.

A good Bullying and Harrassment Policy will, amongst other things, clearly define:
– That there is zero tolerance in the business for such behaviors
– What constitutes bullying and/or harassment and give some examples
– What is not bullying and harassment
– What the processes/procedures are for making a complaint and how complaints are managed and investigated.

What are your experiences – good and bad – with this sort of behavior and how was it dealt with?