The common thread tying these three “C words” together is that they often apply to the smallest of businesses – owner plus only one employee AND to the largest, national/multinational businesses. Once you allow for the variations that exist between Small Businesses (under 15 employees) and the others, compliance with the Fair Work Act is
  • B – Bullying & Harrassment
    *Advising you now that I’ll be circling back to this one when we get to “Z” is mid-September. This is pretty straightforward and, unfortunately, often neglected. Simply put = ALL businesses should have a Bullying & Harassment Policy in place that specifies ZERO tolerance! Even if you have just ONE employee in your business (apart
  • The A – Z of HR?
    Not really (there’s probably a book about that, somewhere). However, between now and late-September, when I’m delivering my weekly, 45 second pitch at my BNI chapter, I’m focusing on a topic for each letter of the alphabet. So, kicking of with A(Surprise!) ATTITUDE👍😀👿😡😢😣 Skills can be taught.ATTITUDE, however, is a big influence on BEHAVIOUR. In
  • Focusing on “H” in HR
    Looking for a New Year’s Resolution or a new focus for 2021? At Development Pathways, our primary reason for being in business is still to help micro/small businesses find those “One Percenters”, because they can come from a myriad of places in your operation.   #1 on the list from January 2021 though is help our
  • Navigating the Christmas Party Minefield
    *Bah Humbug* Christmas just isn’t my ‘thing’, but there’s no doubt that it is a ‘thing’ for a lot of people. The difference between a Happy Christmas and a miserable one, for a business owner or manager might come down to the way the business handles the “fun stuff”. 2 tips for Christmas parties –

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