Navigating the Christmas Party Minefield

*Bah Humbug* 🎄

Christmas just isn’t my ‘thing’, but there’s no doubt that it is a ‘thing’ for a lot of people. The difference between a Happy Christmas and a miserable one, for a business owner or manager might come down to the way the business handles the “fun stuff”.

2 tips for Christmas parties – a minefield for HR incidents – especially where alcohol and harassment incidents go hand in hand.

#1. Under-age attendees? If so, then the policy needs to be: NO alcohol for anyone for the duration of the function. Yes, it sounds harsh, but you are stepping into a potentially nasty minefield if you have underage attendees and alcohol at a corporate/business function. The safest way for all – especially for the business itself – is to have a ‘no underage attendees’ or a ‘no alcohol’ policy – your choice.

#2. Make sue that the Christmas function has designated start and finish times. Announce these in advance and, towards the end of the function, announce the finish time again.

Your risks won’t be eliminated by following these two tips, but they will certainly be reduced.

And, as long as we’re discussing Christmas …………………..

And you’re running out of time time to think about corporate Christmas gifts for clients.

Make sure you take advantage of the skills and expertise of your promotional product suppliers.

Need some guidance about all of that?

We’re here!

(And, believe me, the advice will be logical and not all Christmassy-emotional 😉)

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