Offshore Staffing solutions

Providing overseas HR and Recruitment solutions

Looking for staff overseas can offer your business a lot of benefits.

We can provide you with a range of overseas staffing solutions to help you find the right people to deliver quality customer service for your business, in any role – from phone support and social media assistance, to Marketing and Business management.

At Development Pathways, we leverage the knowledge and expertise of our International Network of Recruitment, Human Resources Management and OH&S professionals to help you succeed.

Why Offshoring Is A Good Option

For your business to become globally competitive, you must ensure that operations are productive and customer support is effective.

This involves having the right people.

Through Offshoring, you can take advantage of the rapid development in technology today to hire a skilled overseas team who are trained to provide quality customer service, while you focus on the bigger picture.

 Expanding your team overseas can help facilitate your business’ growth by providing you with a wide range of cost-effective talent.

The Right Offshore Solution for Your Business

We can advise and assist with:

  • Permanent, temporary or One-off solutions
  • Offshoring – where your team is based in the Philippines (no different to them being based in another suburb, city or State in Australia)
  • Outsourcing – individual roles in your business (Virtual Assistant/EA, Social Media/SEO Management, Bookkeeping etc) are managed by a team member based in the Philippines.
  • Recruitment tools and HR documentation.

Through our HR and Recruitment solutions, you can hire the best team to uphold and maintain your high standard of customer service.

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