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Is your business ready to recruit your first staff member?
Or are you looking to expand your team?

It’s an exciting time – but it can also be a nervous and challenging time too. 

We’re here to guide and fully support you, so you can grow your small business together with the right people you can trust. 

Recruiting People Is Not Easy

You have to consider the right type of employment set-up, how to pay the correct wages, manage cash flow, comply with Fair Work Legislation and much more.

Then, when you have your new team member, the induction and onboarding process is just as important to ensure that the entire team is focussed on delivering great customer service.

It’s a minefield that we can help you navigate to make recruiting staff much simpler.

How We Help You

Our journey together begins with a general discovery meeting, which covers your business’ needs, HR & Fair Work compliance issues and an assessment of any risks your business may encounter along the way.

We all agree on the outcomes for your business and then work with you to achieve those goals through recruitment and onboarding.

If you need expert assistance along the way, we have a network of Trusted Advisors we can introduce to you or work with directly on your behalf.

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