Improving Collaboration and Productivity

Uniting your onshore and offshore teams

When you have teams in different locations or countries, effective communication is essential for ongoing business productivity and success.

Understanding and managing cultural and linguistic differences between Australians and Filipinos can go a long way to improving internal communication and, in turn, delivering a great customer experience.

Our goal is to provide measurable improvement for your teams in the Philippines, using metrics for Customer Satisfaction, Net Promotor Scores, ROI or simply a reduction in complaints registered.

Why Uniting Your Teams Is Important

Having staff in different countries offers your business a lot of advantages. However, this also means that you need systems in place to ensure your local and offshore teams are working synergistically. 

English may be a common language between Filipinos and Australians – but we all think differently, we all pronounce things differently, and we all evince differently.  

Like it or not, Australians speak with a lot of slang and local colloquialisms. If your overseas teams are not adept to this, it can be a real challenge working together.

How We Bridge That Gap

We work both in Australia and in the Philippines on your behalf.

When working onsite in the Philippines with your teams (or individual team members), our focus is on overcoming cultural idiosyncrasies to ensure effective communication across borders.

Our goal is to empower your colleagues to ask questions and seek clarification when they’re uncertain. This ensures that they always have a clear understanding of the tasks you’ve set for them.

In Australia, we work with your local teams to help them communicate with their colleagues in the Philippines. This involves understanding how to deliver a message and issue instructions in a clear, concise manner.

Like any other training program, the goal is to assist all employees to meet their KPIs and be a part of the success of your business. 

If an employee is inducted and properly trained and still cannot meet expectations, the training forms part of a structured Performance Management program.

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