The common thread tying these three “C words” together is that they often apply to the smallest of businesses – owner plus only one employee AND to the largest, national/multinational businesses. Once you allow for the variations that exist between Small Businesses (under 15 employees) and the others, compliance with the Fair Work Act is

B – Bullying & Harrassment

*Advising you now that I’ll be circling back to this one when we get to “Z” is mid-September. This is pretty straightforward and, unfortunately, often neglected. Simply put = ALL businesses should have a Bullying & Harassment Policy in place that specifies ZERO tolerance! Even if you have just ONE employee in your business (apart

The A – Z of HR?

Not really (there’s probably a book about that, somewhere). However, between now and late-September, when I’m delivering my weekly, 45 second pitch at my BNI chapter, I’m focusing on a topic for each letter of the alphabet. So, kicking of with A(Surprise!) ATTITUDE👍😀👿😡😢😣 Skills can be taught.ATTITUDE, however, is a big influence on BEHAVIOUR. In

Focusing on “H” in HR

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution or a new focus for 2021? At Development Pathways, our primary reason for being in business is still to help micro/small businesses find those “One Percenters”, because they can come from a myriad of places in your operation.   #1 on the list from January 2021 though is help our

Providing advice for businesses and employees? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Right now, here in Australia, there are a myriad of resources available for businesses, business owners or managers, and employees. Pretty much every local Council, State Government, Industry Body, Chamber of Commerce and networking organisations have workshops, “How to?” information, advice and assistance, guides or other material available to assist us through the Covid19 pandemic.

Australia/Philippines communication

One of the services we provide at Development Pathways is to work with teams in Australia and the Philippines, to improve communication. Personally, it’s probably the service that gives me the most satisfaction – seeing the improvements in KPI’s, staff engagement, staff retention and employee job satisfaction that can result. I want to share a

In this digital age, the basics still apply

In Bookkeeping, despite all the modern technology on our phones, in the Cloud etc, the basics still apply. Assets – Liabilities = Proprietorship (although they might not call it “Proprietorship” these days). In the world of advertising, the basic formula is: Reach + Frequency + Impact = $ Cost/Investment/Price. One of our favorite and most